Directed by Jen Wineman

Triad Stage 2012-2013


A magical escape created by pure imagination and transformation of objects. 


Realized Costume Designs

Into the Woods

Directed by Jack Cummings

UNCSA 2013

Making classical fairy tales come to life by painting white book pages with the vibrancy of the characters' wishes.


A Streetcar named Desire

Directed by Rob Ruggiero

UNCSA 2012

A struggle between memory and reality, desire and virtue.



Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Directed by Matt Bulluck

UNCSA 2011

An undesired dress that brings five women together. 



Directed by Stephen Shore

Cirkus Project 2013

The memory that we desperately want to hold on to.

The Story of Dr. Hooves

UNCSA School of Filmmaking

Directed by Caleb Ennis

Cinematography by Drew Barnett

Production Design by Eliza Roberts

If a deer were an American Every-day Hero. A contemporary comedy. 

The Mysterious Things

UNC TV/UNCSA School of Filmmaking

Coming Soon.

La Cage Aux Folles

Directed by Dennis Delamar
Theatre Charlotte 2015


Broadway World Charlotte 2015

Best Costume Design Nominee


"Kahei Shum's costume designs are clearly overachievements."

- Broadway World Review

The Waiting Room

Directed by John ER Friedenberg

Wake Forest University 2016

"Her delivery is supported (literally) with excellent period costuming from Ketti Shum, including a torturous-looking corset and bustle."

- Triad City Beat


"Costumes by Ketti Shum are another great aid to the storytelling. From the outset, it’s easy to define the three leading ladies with a glance."

- Winston-Salem Journal




UNC School of Filmmaking 2015


Directed by Shaun Swift

Written by Dalton Price

Production Design by Connor Sallivan

Cinematography by S'alfrico

Costume Design by Kahei Shum

Make-up & Prothestics by Johan Yeng & Lisa Pedraza

FilmSchoolFest Munich


Directed by Joe Gardner
Davidson College 2017


The decline of a colorful city.


Grace For President

Directed by Michelle Long
Children's Theatre of Charlotte 2016


The world premier adaptation of an inspiring children's book.

The Sky Game

Directed by Hannah Wolf
Peppercorn Children's Theatre 2017


More pictures coming soon.

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